Custom Relay Mailserver - ENG


By setting the default, the application sends e-mails from the flexperto mail server via

The following principle applies: The basic security concepts of the Internet do not allow e-mails to be sent on behalf of other companies. Only the owner of the mail server and his/her e-mail address is authorised to do so. Therefore, if an e-mail is sent under the address, for example, only the company itself may do so.



Flexperto receives access data for a specified endpoint so that emails can then be sent on behalf of the customer. A mail account for flexperto is created on the company's mail server.

  • flexperto requires the access data and the SMTP connection data for this mail account.

  • Furthermore, the mail account must be authorised to send e-mails on behalf of e.g.

  • SMTP access (TLS) should be restricted to the following IPs: (application live network / FX DC Main) (application staging network / FX DC FailOver)ion